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Nearly all of the films we produce are generated using Adobe Illustrator CS and Adobe Photoshop CS or a combination of the two. This is what we would prefer. We also understand that not everyone knows has or uses these applications. So don't worry, either we have a way to open your file or we tell you how to produce something if we can open. At the very least, if we can get a visual on it, we can usually work from it. (Art charges may apply depending on complexity.)


Secondary Formats:

Other Formats:

*Some applications can produce AdobePDF direction using a "Save As…" or "Export…". Any MacOS X application can produce a PDF by printing and choosing Save As PDF right from the print dialog. Windows users can produce a pdf by printing as well using the free PrimoPDF print driver.

Graphic Images uses AdobePDF format for proofing and art approval purposes. If you do not already have a PDF viewer AdobeReader can be downloaded for free from Adobe.

Feel free to call or email ~Woody if you have any questions on the suitability of your files.

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