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Die Cutting

After your job is printed, it's not done. It still needs to be finished. Decals can be die cut, embossed, laminated, split-backed, epoxy domed, and/or applied to findings. Bumper stickers will get cut apart (you didn't think we printed them one at a time do you?). Signs can be laminated, have stands attached. Whatever you need done.

With in-house die cutting and die creation, the control is all here. We can cut nearly any shape that you need, whether it's to fit into a recessed finding, or on the hood of your car.

Steel Rule Dies

Sharp, precise and durable, these bladed dies are made to last through your long-run cutting project... and years beyond to maintain project consistancy.

Combined with our large 100-ton Thompson die press, they'll cut through most anything from card-stock to styrene to PETG.

Strong, yes, but not everything needs to be cut through. We can control the depth of the cut to "kiss-cut" through your adhesive backed vinyl or mylar decals while barely denting the backing.

Custom made to your specifications we can cut shapes as simple as rectangles and ovals and complex irregular outlines and compound cuts like lettering.

We can do special blades too, for perforated cuts and creasing rules.

Thermal Dies

There are times when a steel rule won't do. Either the shape is too intricate for bending the steel rule or bend radii are too small to maintain the integrity of the wood base.

Enter the Kiss-Cut Thermal Die. Because it's photo-engraved this 1/4" magnesium plate Thermal Die makes bends and contours steel-rule can only dream about.

Appropriate for vinyl kiss-cutting only.

Embossing Dies

Sometimes only an embossed look will do.

Raise your image to new heights while raising the eyebrows of your clients.

Cutting a straight line without a ruler.

Of course there are times when one doesn't require the finesse of die cutting. With two "Guillotine" power cutters, we can make straight-line cuts as well.

Buisness cards, Bumper stickers, and rectangular decals and lables may be cut by this simple and tried-and-true method.


Protect your print for years or add some high-gloss depth with lamination.

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