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From hats to t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants and more. We'll print them all with a maximum of eight colors per location (front, back, sleeve), from single-color logos to multiple spot color index printing to the latest in four color plus process printing.

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Automatic Presses

With two automatic rotary presses, your large run can be made short work of.

Six Head "small" automatic.

With six print-head and two flash drying stations. One to six spot color, or four color process with whites for dark garments.

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Eight Head "large" automatic.

Eight print heads and two flash drying stations, we have even more flexibility for color choices. Four color process on darks with "bump" screens for your critical colors.

Hand Presses

Our automatic presses are further complemented by two six-screen manual presses. Used for shorter runs with bold designs, the hand presses are just what you need for your crew's t-shirts or charity event team shirts.

Numbering Press

Team numbers are a breeze with our numbering press. One or two color numbers in 6" or 8" will keep your players easily identified on the field.


For that touch-of-class, nothing beats the look or the feel of an embroidered shirt or hat.

Heat Transfers

Great for gifts!


What good is all this printing without something to print on? View our Catalog of fantastic and quality garment choices.

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